Find solutions with sponsors

The top reason customers come to Tableau Conference is to learn how to do more with their data. The expo hall in Data Village is the one-stop-shop to visit with hundreds of partners ready and willing to help customers make the most of their investment. Whether you're in the market for a consultant to assist in business intelligence or guidance in building databases you can trust–your search ends here.

Make valuable connections

Are you looking to connect with Tableau experts? Our partners come armed with a very particular set of skills–skills that can empower you in your journey to data nirvana. From goals of establishing trustworthy data to enabling a faster adoption, the relationships built in the expo hall will bring value beyond TC18.

Attend as a sponsor

If data people are your people, you’ll want to show up big at Tableau Conference. Thousands of analytics-obsessed attendees from every industry and discipline will be there, hungry for solutions to help them leverage their investment in Tableau and expand their skills and knowledge.

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