Tableau Conference is where thousands of data-loving people gather to learn, collaborate, and build connections from all over the world. As a partner at TC, you’ll get to experience:

  • Exclusive sessions, designed specifically with you in mind, throughout the week.
  • The biggest partner event of the year—Global Partner Summit.
  • Networking opportunities with Tableau leadership and sales teams, as well as your fellow partners.

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Jumpstart TC with Global Partner Summit

Global Partner Summit is our largest partner event of the year, uniting the Tableau and partner community from around the world. Join us on Monday, October 22, to hear from the global leadership team as they discuss:

  • Tableau’s vision for the partner ecosystem and opportunities ahead
  • Investments being made to the partner program
  • A sneak peek at the product roadmap

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Building dashboard extensions in Tableau
Tableau's developer tools and APIs allow you to integrate, customize, automate, and extend Tableau to fit your specific needs. With our Extensions API, create dashboard extensions so end users can interact directly with data in third-party applications, without leaving Tableau. Learn about existing capabilities like write-back, custom actions, deep integration with other apps, and custom UI, as well as those to come.

Speaker: Ben Lower

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Deploying and managing Tableau Server on Linux
Designing Tableau to easily integrate with customers' existing environments is important to us. Tableau Server now gives customers the flexibility to deploy on Linux. Learn the ins and outs of planning, deploying and managing Tableau Server on Linux to help get your clients up and running with ease.

Speaker: Phil D'Amico

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Mastering the fundamentals of Tableau Prep
Tableau Prep empowers more people to get to analysis faster by helping them quickly and confidently combine, shape, and clean their data. Help your customers become data prep pros with this hands-on technical introduction to Tableau Prep. Learn how to build a flow from scratch, including connecting to data, wrangling it, profiling it, cleaning it, changing it, joining it, grouping it, aggregating it, pivoting it, exporting it, and more!

Speaker: Larry Hill

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Leading the shift to modern BI
Modern data problems can't be solved with a traditional approach. As organizations make the move to modern BI, they need help replacing the functions of traditional BI. There is a huge opportunity for Tableau partners to lead the conversation using their analytics, traditional BI, and change management expertise. Learn more about our new partner Proof of Concept program to help customers re-evaluate their data, analytics, and decision-making strategy and determine how your organization can drive rapid change with customers.

Speaker: Naisan Geula

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Finding and winning embedded analytics deals
The embedded analytics market opportunity is immense. In fact, it's estimated to grow to USD$51.78 billion by 2022 according to MarketsandMarkets. Are you and your team ready to capitalize on this opportunity? Learn how our product enables embedded scenarios, what customers are looking for in an embedded external solution, what an optimal embedded deal looks like, and how to run an effective embedded discovery.

Speakers: Patrick Evans, Tri Tu

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