Build your community

One of the top reasons customers attend Tableau Conference is to meet and learn from fellow data people. Together, we build each other up, celebrate successes, and help each other overcome obstacles that may seem too daunting to tackle alone. Browse the options below to learn how you can build your data community for support or lend your skills at TC and beyond.

Tableau Community

We’re who we are, and we’re where we are, because of bold-thinking, problem crunching, idea-inspiring people like you. The Tableau community showcases some of the best Tableau has to offer–a place where like-minded data rockstars can truly shine. Tableau Conference provides a variety of community activities for users of all backgrounds and skill levels. Find Tableau community members in Data Village–we promise you’ll be welcomed with open arms.


Have a hobby, passion, or idea that you'd like to share or discuss beyond the session rooms? Braindates can help. New at TC18, is a revolutionary way to filter thousands of people into your new crew. Meet with groups of 1-5 for intentional, 30-45 minute knowledge-sharing conversations about any topic of your choice or creation. Explore more in the mobile app to browse topics and make real connections.

Tableau Ambassadors & Zen Masters

The Tableau Ambassador and Zen Master programs were created to showcase some of the very best the Tableau community has to offer–from sharing insights with others to building first-class dashboards, these exceptional community builders embody all things Tableau. They are our biggest advocates, as well as our harshest critics, and we are lucky to have them. Connect with these data rockstars in Data Village or attend their sessions to keep a pulse on what’s trending at TC18.

Tableau Foundation

Data people doing good! Tableau Foundation works with nonprofits and local governments to take on some of the world’s most challenging social and environmental challenges. Tableau Conference is your chance to meet some of those changemakers, experience their work, and see how data is shaping a better future. Follow your passion and find an opportunity to contribute your data skills to making the world a better place.

Tableau Employees

Did you know Tableau Conference is staffed primarily by our employees? About 50% of employees fly in from across the globe to ensure Tableau spirit and product knowledge fill the halls. Pick up your badge from a friendly face at registration, stop by an info desk for directions, or get help from product experts at Tableau Doctor. Meet with rockstar developers for demos and focus groups at Tableau Labs or visit Sales Hospitality for private meetings with our sales team and executive leadership. Our culture and core values make us unique–and we bring that spirit to every Tableau Conference.